The Learning Book

We are pleased to inform you about an exciting new approach in observing and assessing children’s learning in the Foundation Stage here at Park Nursery.

As you are probably aware, the Early Years Foundation Stage has its own curriculum. Up until now, we have shared your child’s progress, happiness and development within the EYFS with you through a Learning Journey. The paper Learning Journey is a lovely way of remembering and looking back over all the wonderful things your little ones have achieved but it does have its limitations. Although very informative, it’s difficult to share with you as well as being quite time consuming for staff to update and complete.

Part of our ethos at Park Nursery is to give you as families the very best of outstanding practice with cutting edge ideas and developments that makes your children’s learning and development very apparent and relevant to you as parents.

With this in mind we have been working together with ‘Learning Book’. Learning Book is an Electronic Learning Journey which uses a hand held tablet to collect not only photographs, but also video and audio clips as well. These will then be linked to the appropriate areas of the EYFS. Each room has their own tablet and the information is stored on a secure server which is encrypted and password protected, so it can only be accessed by the parents and nursery staff.

Once we have had your permission, and we get all the information collated you will be able to access your child’s learning book at home and even add your own comments and photographs. We feel this will enable you to gain access to your child’s learning and progress on a much more frequent basis and enjoy sharing those memorable moments as they happen.